About Us

About Us 

Hello!  We are Spare Moments!  My name is Heather and I live with my husband and two teen boys in beautiful Washington State; nestled between the Puget Sound and two mountain ranges.  As a family, we game, we swim, we garden, and we be.  In this section, I will tell you about our business mission statement, why I started this business and why we chose the products we did, and a bit about our collections and why we love them. 

Mission Statement:

We would like to be your favorite spot to come when you want to find a great t-shirt, sweatshirt, kid or baby clothes, or some other fun item that shows off a fun part of who you are. We would like to provide for you:

  • A large range of fun and cool designs.
  • Quality products and super soft and comfortable clothing.
  • Products that are printed in the US and manufactured in an ethical and eco-friendly manner.
  • An Honest and Friendly Interaction.

Please ask us questions about our products!  I am happy to give you honest information about how each clothing item fits and what body types and sizes I would recommend for each. 

Why I started my business:

When my boys were younger, it was much tougher to find fun kids t-shirts.  It’s better now but still not great.  We aim to have a lot of fun options for babies, toddlers, and kids sizing.  We also worked hard to source clothes that are made well and are soft and comfortable.  This is one of the primary reasons for opening my stores.  From personal experience I also found it frustrating trying to find a fun T-shirt for myself.  I would find a fun t-shirt, buy it, then never wear it.  I realized it was because it just wasn’t soft!  It was just OK.  Fear not, I found the best T-shirts!  My favorites are the Bella + Canvas Unisex, crew neck, short sleeve t-shirt and the Women’s Recycled V-Neck T-shirt by District.  These are just a couple brands I found to use as my base product for my designs.  Using these as my gauge, I have found other products that match or exceed these in softness and comfort.  I have also found a few other products that are nice… nothing cheap and flimsy.  I keep working to find new products, please know I test these out before I sell them!  Even though my business is print on demand, I always test the products to make sure it’s something I would buy first!  Trust me, I have high standards!

Spare Moments is a third iteration of our store.  First we had Geeky Gamer Goods, then ShopM2H.  Now we combined them to form Spare Moments (now under Geeky Gamer Goods, LLC).  Spare Moments is all about what you like to do in your spare time, idle hours, and spare moments.  Our collections range from Outdoor Lifestyle, Inspirational Life, Game Time, Humor & Fun, Holiday & Seasonal, and several others.  I tend to reorg every so often but rest assured, you can search our site for things you might be interested in specifically!  Within our collections you will find  matching family t-shirts, kids clothes, and more.  Have fun checking them all out!  I bet you will find something fun for many of your family and friends!

Now more about me and the family.  Being silly is just part of who we are.  My husband does a great job making me laugh and I make sure he and the boys have fun too.  My husband is a Commercial Contractor and stays very busy.  His hobbies have been gaming but has moved more into various investing.  The oldest teen started playing D&D in middle school and has moved on to other games from Flying Frog Productions and a newer one that a friend has created that they are test playing.  He has also been a big swimmer in school and summer league.  Soon he will be starting an apprenticeship in (we think) the electricians’ union.  The youngest teen plays a WIDE variety of games and is a huge fan of the Steam Deck where he can play ANY kind of game.  He is a smart cookie and does lots of research on these sorts of things as well as other topics.  He is considering all forms of Real Estate when he graduates but, in the meantime, likes dabbling in coding and staying fit. 

Then there is me.  I can’t really come up with one thing or even two that I love.  I enjoy so many things.  These days it’s gardening, dancing, cooking, reading, Korean sit-coms, traveling, being creative, and trying new things.  I love mountains, trees, oceans and rivers.  Running water is so relaxing!  When I get the chance, I love the night sky, bigfoot, archaeology, Access Consciousness, and dragons.  Oh, and I love our cats; they are very sweet.  I am sure I could keep going but you will find a lot of things that I love (or that someone in our family loves) in my product designs.  I enjoy encouraging others to try new things and ask for new possibilities. 

Thank you for reading about us and happy shopping!  Please let me know what you think about our products!

Stay Comfy My Friends,

Heather and Family