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Top Places To Go Hiking In The Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is known for its lush forests, towering mountains, and stunning vistas. It's no wonder that hiking is one of the most popular activities in the region. Whether you're an experienced hiker or a beginner, there are plenty of trails to explore. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the best places to hike in the Pacific Northwest. And what’s more fitting than some of our PNW clothing collection!

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Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier is one of the most iconic landmarks in the Pacific Northwest, and surrounding it is home to some of the most breathtaking hiking trails in the country. They have trails that are only a few miles, to ones that are over 90 miles. There is a trail for everyone of all fitness levels. Looking to spend the night in one of the most beautiful parks, then you can also camp overnight. Be sure to check what permits you need before setting up camp. Pair your hike with our fun I Go To The Mountains tank top and hoodie.

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Olympic National Park

Spanning nearly a million acres, Olympic National Park is a hiker's paradise. The park is home to a variety of ecosystems including forests, glacier-capped mountains, and a rocky coastline. There are over 260 miles of hiking trails in the park, and you can do temperate rain forest hikes, mountain hikes, lowland forest hikes, or coastal hikes. The Hall of Mosses is an easy, short rainforest hike from the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center. There's a lot of signage throughout the trail so you can learn more about the area. Bring your binoculars because you don't know what kind of animals or insects you may spot along the trail. This is a great trail for hikers of all ages to enjoy!

Whichever trail you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Our fun Mushroom Biome hoodie or t-shirt is perfect as you wind your way through the Olympic National Park.

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Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens is a must-see landmark in the Pacific Northwest. The national park that surrounds it is home to a variety of hiking trails that offer stunning views of the mountain and surrounding landscape. It features over 200 miles of trails, and one of most popular trails being the 8.3 mile Loowit Trail, which encircles the mountain and takes hikers through several different ecosystems. The Ape Cave Trail is a unique hike that takes you through a lava tube and past striking geological formations. Or you can hike the Mount Margaret Trail to the top of the mountain for a breathtaking view of the crater. Whichever trail you choose, there will be a unique and picturesque experience for you to remember for a lifetime. While you’re traversing through beautiful wilderness, our My Heart Calls Me To The Mountains t-shirt is the perfect piece of clothing to wear.

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North Cascades National Park

The North Cascades National Park is known for its rugged mountain peaks, alpine lakes, and pristine wilderness. The park has over 400 miles of hiking trails, ranging from easy day hikes to more challenging multi-day treks. The Cascade Pass Trail is a popular hike that takes you through alpine meadows and past stunning mountain vistas. For a more challenging trek, the Copper Ridge Trail offers jaw-dropping views of Mount Baker, Mount Shuksan, and the surrounding peaks. The Mountains Are Calling collection is perfect for your trek through the North Cascades National Park.

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Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

The Columbia River Gorge is a stunning natural wonder that spans over 80 miles along the Columbia River. The gorge is home to a variety of hiking trails that offer stunning views of cascading waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, and the crystal clear river. The Eagle Creek Trail is a favorite among many hikers as it takes you past several waterfalls, including the iconic Punch Bowl Falls. The Multnomah-Wahkeena Falls Loop is another popular hike that takes you through lush forests and past stunning waterfalls. As you wander through the scenic trails of the Columbia River Gorge, wear one of our fun I Wander tank tops or t-shirts.

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The Pacific Northwest is a wonder of nature and such a beautiful place to live or visit if you love the outdoors. The natural beauty of the area is something you can’t find anywhere else.

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