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Elevate Your Style With Our Leisurewear

With the majority of the world’s workforce now working remotely, comfortable and casual clothing has become an essential part of wardrobes. With the trend of leisurewear becoming a mainstay, you can now blend comfort and style into your Work From Home (WFH) outfits. Why not wear fun leisurewear that shows off your unique style, because who says you have to sacrifice style for comfort? It’s time to add some spark to your loungewear collection, so read on for tips on how to do so!

Add A Pop Of Color

If you like to prioritize comfort when it comes to your style, leisurewear is the perfect option for relaxed and cozy attire. Just because you like to wear comfortable clothing throughout the day, doesn't mean it has to be plain. Adding bright and vibrant hues to your leisurewear can brighten your mood and make you stand out from the crowd. Incorporating color into your leisurewear is an effortless way to showcase your personal style, so shop some of our fun colorful collections.

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Accessories can add a fun pop of style to your leisurewear outfit. Try adding statement jewelry or even a hat to instantly elevate your outfit!

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Mix, Match, and Layer

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fabrics colors and designs, and now that the cold weather is here,  it’s a perfect time to add layers. From t-shirts and hoodies to joggers, mix and match different collection items! Whether you’re a gamer or love fantasy, humor, food, or music, we have fun designs for all!

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Bold Designs

Embrace bold prints, and experiment with patterns like floral, leopard print, and stripes when it comes to leisurewear. These patterns bring a pop of color and a quirky vibe to your attire. To tone down the prints, pair them with neutral tones like black, white, or beige. Monochrome outfits also work exceptionally well with bold prints.

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The Right Fit

The key to looking effortlessly put together is to make sure your clothes fit properly. Which is why we love how Bella+Canvas fits and feels. Whichever item you choose, we know you'll stay comfy and cozy!

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