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10 Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter egg hunts are a beloved tradition, so if you're looking to make your Easter egg hunt different this year, check out these creative ideas. From themed hunts to interactive challenges, there are plenty of ways to make this festive activity even more exciting. Here are 10 creative Easter egg hunt ideas that will make this year's event truly unforgettable.

Easter Egg Hunt Trophies

Make everyone feel like a champion by giving out trophies at your egg hunt! Create awards for different categories like most eggs collected or most determined egg hunter. Reward your whole crew and make the event even more exciting!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Easter Eggs By-The-Numbers

Put different numbers from 1-10 on a piece of paper in the eggs, hide them, and when everyone has their basket of eggs, have them add up the numbers inside. The kid with the highest total wins!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Find Egg Color

For a unique spine on egg hunting, opt for colors that camouflage well wherever you’re hiding eggs. Whether it's a green egg in grass or a blue one by the blue pot, enhance the challenge and excitement of the hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Easter Egg Relay Race

Divide the kids into teams and when you say go, the first kid from each team searches for an egg. Once they find one, they tag the next teammate to continue the search. The first team to collect the specific amount of eggs wins as a team, and everyone gets their own basket of goodies!

Kids Easter Race


Glow In The Dark Egg Hunt

Hunt in the dark with glow-in-the-dark bracelets hidden inside plastic eggs for a fun twist on Easter egg hunts!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Reverse Take On The Traditional Egg Hunt

Get kids to write their desired treats or activities on slips of paper and put them in eggs. Kids hide the eggs for parents to hunt down. If some eggs aren't found, parents must fulfill the requests inside. Fun game for everyone!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Hunt For The Golden Egg

Spice things up by adding a golden egg to the Easter egg hunt! The lucky finder will receive a special bonus, whether cash, a new toy, or a fun perk like staying up late for a week.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Puzzle Egg Hunt

Change up the Easter egg hunt by filling the eggs with puzzle pieces. Once the kids find all the eggs, open them up and start piecing together the puzzle. If any pieces are missing, encourage the kids to keep hunting for the remaining eggs. When the puzzle is complete, they will know they have found all the hidden eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

For a unique take on Easter egg hunting, create a treasure map for the kids with varying sections to discover different treasures along the way!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Easter Egg Hunt With Clues

Add extra fun to the Easter egg hunt by hiding clues in the eggs. Here are some examples of clues you can do.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


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